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7 Days in Jordan: The Perfect Itinerary for First-Timers

7 Days in Jordan: The Perfect Itinerary for First-Timers

A Week in Jordan: A Complete Travel Guide

Embarking on Your Jordanian Adventure

Greetings, intrepid explorers! Are you ready to embark on the adventure of a lifetime? If your heart is yearning for the stunning landscapes, ancient ruins, and rich culture that the Middle East offers, look no further than our “7 Days in Jordan: The Perfect Itinerary for First-Timers.” Trust us, it’s more than just a travel guide – it’s your personal compass to navigating and experiencing the wonders of this extraordinary land.

7 Days in Jordan: The Perfect Itinerary for First-Timers

Day 1: Landing in Amman

Welcome to Jordan’s bustling capital, Amman. Known for its modernity coexisting with ancient ruins, Amman is a blend of old and new. Kick off your Jordan adventure with a tour around the city’s highlights like the Amman Citadel, Roman Theater, and the bustling Rainbow Street.

Day 2: Exploring Jerash and Ajloun Castle

On day two, head north to visit the spectacular Roman ruins of Jerash. Afterward, a short drive will bring you to Ajloun Castle, a stunning Islamic castle offering panoramic views of the Jordan Valley.

Day 3: Mystical Madaba and Mount Nebo

Start your third day with a visit to Madaba, a city renowned for its Byzantine-era mosaics, notably the Madaba Map, the oldest surviving map of the Holy Land. Later, journeyed to Mount Nebo believed to be the spot where Moses saw the Promised Land.

Day 4: Majestic Petra

Behold the rose-red city of Petra, an archaeological wonder and a UNESCO World Heritage site. Marvel at the stunning Al-Khazneh (The Treasury) and explore the vast city carved out of stone.

Day 5: Wilderness of Wadi Rum

Day five takes you to Wadi Rum, also known as the Valley of the Moon. A 4×4 tour, camel ride, or hot air balloon flight offers breathtaking views of the desert landscapes. Spend the night under the stars in a Bedouin camp for an authentic experience.

Day 6: Floating in the Dead Sea

No trip to Jordan is complete without a dip in the Dead Sea. This hypersaline lake allows you to effortlessly float, providing both fun and unique photo opportunities. Don’t forget to pamper yourself with the sea’s therapeutic mud.

Day 7: Farewell, Jordan

Your final day can be spent leisurely in Amman. Pick up souvenirs, explore any spots you’ve missed, or simply savor Jordanian cuisine. Depart with a heart full of memories, having experienced the best Jordan has to offer.

Additional Tips for Your Jordan Journey

Understanding Jordanian Culture

Understanding the local culture is crucial for a memorable trip. Jordanians are known for their warm hospitality. Embrace it and learn a few Arabic phrases; a simple “Shukran” (Thank you) can go a long way.

Jordan’s Gastronomic Delights

Experience the authentic flavors of Jordan by savoring local delicacies like Mansaf, Falafel, and Kunafa.

Packing Essentials for Jordan

Consider the climate and cultural norms when packing for Jordan. Include lightweight clothes, a hat, sunscreen, a scarf for visiting religious sites, and comfortable shoes for exploration.


1. What’s the best time to visit Jordan?
The best times to visit Jordan are during the spring (March to May) and autumn (September to November) when the weather is pleasant.

2. Is Jordan safe to visit?
Yes, Jordan is considered one of the safest countries in the Middle East for travelers.

3. Do I need a visa to visit Jordan?
Most visitors, including U.S., UK, and EU citizens, can get a visa on arrival. It’s best to check the current regulations before your trip.

4. What currency is used in Jordan?
Jordan uses the Jordanian Dinar (JOD). Many places also accept credit cards.

5. Can I drink tap water in Jordan?
While tap water in Jordan is generally safe, it’s recommended to drink bottled water.

6. How can I respect Jordan’s culture and religion during my visit?
It’s important to dress modestly, particularly in religious sites. Be mindful of local customs, particularly during the holy month of Ramadan.


Our “7 Days in Jordan: The Perfect Itinerary for First-Timers” has hopefully whetted your appetite for exploration. Remember, this itinerary is merely a guide. The real magic happens when you dive into the experience, immersing yourself in Jordan’s stunning landscapes, rich history, and welcoming culture.

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