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Is English spoken in Turkey?
The official language of Turkey is Turkish, but English is widely spoken in Istanbul.
What is the best time to visit Turkey?
The European side of Turkey and Istanbul go through hot summers and cold winters with snow being one of the highlights. Spring and Autumn time, from April to May and from September to mid-November individually, are the right months to visit Istanbul and the inland districts when temperatures are lovely and the skies are clear. Istanbul’s area close to the ocean may be a significant breezy city, particularly in the Winter.
Is Turkey considered as a part of Europe?
Istanbul is a bridge that connects Europe and Asia. So, it makes Turkey a part of both continents. Talking geographically, the capital of Turkey, Ankara is in Asia. And similarly, most of Turkey’s land is in Asia. 95% of Turkey is covered in Asia. Physically it is Eurasian with a bigger population living in Asia.
Do I need a visa for Turkey?
Please visit the website https://www.evisa.gov.tr/en/ to obtain your e-visas to Turkey.

Please note that we do not provide any special documentation for visa purposes. Importantly, please review your country’s visa requirements for Turkey as Turkey is not part of Schengen.

Is it Safe to Travel to Turkey?
The FCO has advised that Istanbul, Turkey’s largest city, and Ankara, its capital, are mostly safe for travelers.
How many days are enough in Istanbul?
If you are planning a holiday to Turkey for 9 -10 days then you must spend at least 2 nights in Istanbul.
What can I buy from Turkey?
Some of the popular things to buy from Turkey are given below:

● Traditional Turkish Carpets
● Exotic Spices
● Glass Lamps
● Turkish Tea
● Evil Eye
● Ceramic Wares
● Clay Pottery

Can I use US Dollars & Euros in Turkey?
The currency used in Turkey is the Turkish Lira. Although you can pay US dollars & Euros at some places, you will always get a better deal if you make transactions in local currency.
What are some of the top experiences to have in Turkey?
Some of the best things to do in Turkey are as follows:

● Shop your heart out at Grand Bazaar
● Catch the tram at Taksim Square
● Go for a Turkish Spa
● Soak your feet in Pamukkale Travertines
● Watch the locals making Turkish Pottery
● Fly over Cappadocia in a Hot Balloon

What are the must-visit places in Turkey?
Some of the most popular places to visit in Turkey are given below:

● Hagia Sofia
● Goreme Open Air Museum
● Cotton Castle
● Antalya City
● Blue Mosque

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