10-Day Tour of Egypt and Jordan

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  • Tourists exploring historical sites on a 10-day Egypt and Jordan Discovery Tour.Limestone Great Sphinx of Giza statue under clear sky, showcasing ancient Egyptian craftsmanship.

    10-Day Egypt and Jordan Discovery Tour

    $2,790.00 per person

    Discover and uncover the rich history and captivating landscapes of Egypt and Jordan on an encompassing 10-day journey. Traverse iconic locations like Cairo and Luxor, dive deep into Jordan’s vibrant culture in Amman, Madaba, and Mount Nebo, witness the awe-inspiring beauty of Petra, and relax by the therapeutic waters of the Dead Sea. This carefully curated expedition, filled with cultural activities and unforgettable experiences, expertly intertwines the ancient allure of these civilizations with the diverse natural beauty they’re nestled in.

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