When is the best time to visit Turkey?


  • Best Time to Visit Turkey: April – May, September – October
  • High Tourist Season: June – August
  • Low Season: November – March
  • Ski Season: November – March
  • All Seasons: April – May (spring), June – August (summer), September – October (fall), November – March (winter)
  • The best time to visit Turkey is between April – May and September – October, as the weather is warm and pleasant, so you’ll have a great time exploring the cities.
  • Between April – May and September – October, there are fewer crowds pretty much all around the country, including Istanbul, so this is the best time to travel.
  • The high tourist season is between June and August, so the prices will be quite high, and the weather will be swelteringly hot.
  • The low season is from November – March, but this is when to visit Turkey if you want to visit the beautiful ski resorts, or tour Turkey on a budget!

Turkey is a treat for those who travel to explore different cultures and beautiful architecture. Turkish architecture has been influenced by dozens of civilizations over the years, so it is incredibly unique. But that is not all – Turkey’s coastal resorts, beautiful mountains and ski slopes offer enough and more adventure to those who seek it.

The trick is going to the right places at the right time. The best time to visit Turkey is between April and May and September and October. The weather in Turkey is rather mild during these months, so you will be able to explore the cities, and the outdoor ruins without worrying about the heat. This is a shoulder season, so there will be fewer crowds.

The high season is between June to August (for the rest of Turkey – this is shoulder season for Istanbul). In these months, the number of tourists increase, and most of Turkey experiences a hot and humid summer.


April to May — Spring / Good Season

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