The best things to do in Turkey

The best things to do in Turkey – top tips from a travel expert

There are hundreds of attractions when you plan to visit this culturally rich, fantastic city. Turkey is home to many inspiring sites like stunning landscapes, buildings with incredible architecture, plus its mind-blowing heritage. 

Moreover, Turkey has a vibrant culture that anyone can enjoy. Visiting Turkey will add fresh experiences and memories as each part of the city is filled with awe-inspiring sceneries. No one can miss famous Turkey foods during their tour as your Turkey days will not be completed without them. 

However, many travelers need help to plan their Turkey trip properly because of the limitless attractions and things to do in Turkey. Here we listed the best five things to do in Turkey to ease your job.

  1. Try Cappadocia hot air balloon

Cappadocia is where you should travel to get this most popular experience. This can be defined as one of the most fun things to do in Turkey as it allows enjoying mind-blowing bird-eye views of this beautiful city. More than half a million travelers come to Cappadocia to get this experience yearly. Most travelers are willing to try this in the early morning while enjoying the sunrise with 100 other balloons. It creates a fantastic view you can only imagine in your dreams. Beyond that, you can enjoy the view of the historic cave dwellings of Goreme Town below. For most travelers, this hot air balloon destination is the primary reason for traveling to Turkey.

  1. Trail the Red Valley hike & sunset viewpoint

If you are an adventure seeker, Red Valley in Cappadocia invites you to have a great hike with views. Turkey tours always offer unique experiences like the views you can soak during this hike. It’s ideal for enjoying the spectacular sunset views from here. Also, you can drive straight to the sunset viewpoint to admire views while resting your feet. Grab a coffee by the cafe around the viewpoint to add flavor to your relaxing time. If you need further adventure or views to treat your eyes, you can continue your hike to the flag viewpoint. It will open doors to enjoy more scenic views from the top.

  1. Step inside Hagia Sophia

The grand old Hagia Sophia (Aya Sofya in Turkish) is a mosque with a tremendous and complicated historical background. After the Ottoman invasion, it was converted into a mosque, and in 1935, Atatürk declared it a museum. The primary purpose of this landmark monument was changed in 2020, and it was restored to being an operating mosque under the new official name of the Hagia Sophia Holy Grand Mosque. The giant buildings and the unique architectural details of the premise bring you back to ancient times; this is one of the most memorable things to do in Turkey, Istanbul, as this is considered one of the iconic symbols of the capital of Turkey.

  1. Wander Spice Bazaar

Exploring Spice Bazaar in Istanbul will add a unique and different vibe to your journey. The pleasant aroma throughout the streets compels you to buy those spices. This city’s most extensive and famous market is located in Istanbul’s Eminonu district, near the Galata Bridge and the New Mosque. Further, walking on the market streets amidst vibrant stores is an ideal way to learn about its culture and local communities. However, buying spices may complete your journey here, as you can try Turkey recipes by adding those spices. You must use your bargaining skills to get the best rates.

  1. Explore Ozkonak Underground City

This fantastic attraction is situated in Cappadocia. In ancient times. it was carved into the mountains. It is smaller but significantly quieter than many of the region’s other underground cities. Because Ozkonak was only found in 1972, many of the city’s ten stories are still being cleaned and preserved, but there is more than enough open space for the curious traveler to explore. When you travel to Turkey, this unique experience should be covered as it offers by many Cappadocia Tours

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