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Cappadocia and Central Anatolia

Cappadocia and Central Anatolia

​Cappadocia was a refuge for the early Christians, who escaped persecution by living and worshipping underground. There are an estimated 3000 rock churches in this region, not all of which are open to the public. Some have amazing frescoes, which have been extremely...

Best Things to See and Do in Cappadocia

Best Things to See and Do in Cappadocia

First things first, where is Cappadocia? Well, it’s literally on the middle of Turkey, the area is called Central Anatolia. The famous cities in the region are: Göreme, Urgup, Uchisar, and Avanos.Each city has it`s pros & cons. Göreme is usually the main choice....

Hagia Sophia

Hagia Sophia

Hagia Sophia, Turkish Ayasofya, Latin Sancta Sophia, also called Church of the Holy Wisdom or Church of the Divine Wisdom, cathedral built at Constantinople (now Istanbul, Turkey) in the 6th century CE (532–537) under the direction of the Byzantine emperor Justinian...

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