Stunning view of Rose Valley in Cappadocia, showcasing vibrant hues and unique rock formations.

Rose Valley

  • Göreme No:24, 50180 Nevşehir Merkez, Turkey

The Rose Valley, made up of several smaller valleys, is famous for its world-class rock formations and world-class hiking opportunities. The valley trails provide a variety of levels of challenge, and there are plenty of hikes suitable for beginners. For seasoned hikers, there are routes where you scale stone tunnels and climb down ladders. Either way, you’ll get to wander the bottom of the canyon and explore the rocks of Cappadocia at sunset as the valley turns blood red. The valleys within the famous valley named after the rose-colored rocks are Gulludere, Kizilcukur, Meskendir, and Zindanonu. The most popular trail in the Rose Valley is a 3.5 km route that starts just outside the town of Goreme, but you can easily return several times to explore new trails and see its hidden cave churches and abandoned rock houses.