Serene view of the historic Valley of the Kings in Luxor, home to ancient Egyptian tombs

Valley of the Kings

  • Luxor Governorate 1340420, Egypt

The Valley of the Kings, nestled in the heart of Egypt’s ancient city of Thebes (modern-day Luxor), is an iconic archaeological treasure. This site, dating back to the New Kingdom period (16th to 11th century BC), served as a burial ground for pharaohs and powerful nobles. It houses over 60 tombs, including the famous Tomb of Tutankhamun. The tombs are renowned for their intricate designs, detailed hieroglyphics, and vibrant wall paintings, offering a glimpse into ancient Egyptian beliefs about the afterlife and funerary practices. The Valley of the Kings is not only a testament to ancient engineering and artistry but also a key source of information on the cultural and religious history of Egypt.