Aerial view of Abu Simbel temples, showcasing the grand stone structures and surrounding desert landscape.

How Much Does a 7-Day Trip to Egypt Cost?

Planning Your Dream Vacation: A Comprehensive Guide to the Cost of a 7-Day Trip to Egypt

Egypt is a nation brimming with historical and cultural richness, boasting famous attractions like the Sphinx and Great Pyramids, vibrant metropolises such as Cairo and Alexandria, and a stunning Red Sea coastline. It’s no surprise that Egypt is a sought-after location for explorers seeking adventure, relaxation, or a chance to immerse themselves in different cultures. If you’re planning a week-long journey to Egypt, you may be curious about the expenses involved. To assist you in planning your ideal getaway without overspending, we’ll outline the costs of a 7-day trip to Egypt in this blog post.


Egypt offers a range of lodging options from budget hostels to luxury hotels. For a comfortable mid-range experience, you can expect to pay around $50 to $100 per night. This translates to approximately $350 to $700 for a week-long stay. Opting for luxury hotels will push the cost to $150 to $300 per night, totaling $1,050 to $2,100 for the week.


Transportation in Egypt can be very affordable, especially if you use public transport. A taxi ride within Cairo or Alexandria will cost around $5 to $10, while a private car with a driver can cost up to $50 or more. Trains are also an affordable option to travel between cities, with a one-way ticket from Cairo to Luxor or Aswan costing around $20 to $30. If you prefer to fly, a one-way ticket from Cairo to Luxor or Aswan will cost around $50 to $80.

Sightseeing & Guided Tours

Sightseeing is a must-do when visiting Egypt, and the good news is that many of the iconic landmarks have very affordable entrance fees. For example, the entrance fee to the Great Pyramids of Giza is around $10, while the entrance fee to the Egyptian Museum in Cairo is around $15. If you plan to visit multiple sites, you can purchase a Cairo Pass, which gives you access to various landmarks for around $100.

Local Food and Drink

Egyptian cuisine is flavorful and diverse, and you can find delicious street food and local restaurants for very affordable prices. A meal at a local restaurant will cost around $5 to $10, while street food can cost as little as $1 to $2. If you prefer international cuisine or fine dining, you can expect to pay more, with prices ranging from $20 to $50 per meal.

Overall Cost

Based on the above estimates, a 7-day trip to Egypt for one person can cost around $1000 to $1380, depending on your choice of accommodation, transportation, sightseeing, and food. Keep in mind that these estimates are just a guideline, and the actual cost can vary based on your travel style and preferences.

If you’re looking for a hassle-free way to explore Egypt without breaking the bank, One Nation Travel offers a 7-day Egypt tour package that covers all the must-see landmarks and includes accommodation, transportation, and sightseeing activities. The package starts at $1380 per person, and you can choose from a range of options, including budget, standard, and luxury tours. Book now and enjoy the trip of a lifetime to Egypt with One Nation Travel!

Top Experiences in Egypt

  1. Pyramids of Giza: Marvel at the last remaining wonder of the ancient world and explore the enigmatic Sphinx.
  2. Nile River Cruise: Sail along the world’s longest river, enjoying the scenic beauty and ancient temples along the way.
  3. Luxor and Karnak Temples: Wander through the colossal columns and ancient relics of these iconic temples.
  4. Desert Safari: Experience the vastness of the Egyptian desert on a thrilling safari tour.
  5. Red Sea Diving: Dive into the crystal-clear waters of the Red Sea to explore vibrant coral reefs and marine life.

Top 5 Hotels in Cairo: Experience History and Comfort

Cairo, the bustling capital of Egypt, is a city steeped in history and culture. From the majestic pyramids to the vibrant bazaars, there is no shortage of attractions to explore. Here are five hotels that offer the perfect blend of luxury and convenience for your stay in this enchanting city.

Four Seasons Hotel Cairo at Nile Plaza

Location: Garden City, Cairo Nearby Attractions: Egyptian Museum, Cairo Tower, Tahrir Square

Overlooking the Nile River, the Four Seasons Hotel Cairo at Nile Plaza offers opulent rooms and suites with stunning views. The hotel boasts multiple dining options, a world-class spa, and a beautiful pool area, making it a sanctuary in the heart of the city.

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Marriott Mena House, Cairo

Location: Giza, Cairo Nearby Attractions: Giza Pyramids, Great Sphinx, Solar Boat Museum

With its rich history and luxurious accommodations, the Marriott Mena House offers an unparalleled experience. Located just steps away from the Giza Pyramids, this hotel features lush gardens, a spa, and several dining options with views of the ancient monuments.

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Kempinski Nile Hotel Cairo

Location: Garden City, Cairo Nearby Attractions: Egyptian Museum, Cairo Opera House, Zamalek Island

Nestled on the banks of the Nile, Kempinski Nile Hotel Cairo combines European luxury with traditional Egyptian hospitality. Guests can enjoy exquisite dining, a rooftop pool, and elegantly appointed rooms with river views.

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The St. Regis Cairo

Location: Corniche El Nile, Cairo Nearby Attractions: Museum of Islamic Art, Khan El Khalili Bazaar, Al-Azhar Park

The St. Regis Cairo exudes sophistication and modern luxury. The hotel features lavish rooms and suites, a variety of dining options, and a luxurious spa. Its prime location on the Nile Corniche offers easy access to Cairo’s top attractions.

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Sofitel Cairo Nile El Gezirah

Location: Zamalek, Cairo Nearby Attractions: Cairo Tower, Opera House, Gezira Island

Sofitel Cairo Nile El Gezirah offers a unique blend of French elegance and Egyptian culture. Located on Gezira Island, this hotel provides stunning views of the Nile, a riverside pool, gourmet dining, and luxurious accommodations.

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Whether you are visiting for the rich history or the vibrant culture, these hotels provide the perfect base for your stay in Cairo.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is the cost of a 7-day trip to Egypt fixed?

The cost of a 7-day trip to Egypt can vary greatly depending on factors like travel dates, accommodation choices, and activities. Our blog post provides an estimated cost breakdown for different budgets.

2. What is generally included in the cost of a 7-day trip to Egypt?

Typically, the cost includes flights, accommodation, transportation within Egypt, entrance fees to attractions, and some meals. Optional activities and personal expenses are usually extra.

3. Can I customize my 7-day Egypt trip to fit my budget?

Absolutely! The itinerary and activities can be customized to meet your budget constraints. Reach out to One Nation Travel for tailored options.

4. What additional costs should I be aware of?

Additional costs may include tips, optional activities, travel insurance, and personal expenses like shopping and meals not included in the tour package.

5. Are there any hidden fees I should know about?

Our blog post aims to provide a transparent cost breakdown. However, always read the fine print and ask your tour provider about any potential hidden fees or surcharges.

6. Is it cheaper to book activities and accommodations on my own?

Booking separately may offer flexibility but it’s not always cheaper. Tour packages often provide value for money by including various amenities at discounted rates.

7. What is the best time of year for a budget-friendly trip to Egypt?

The shoulder seasons—spring and autumn—are generally less expensive compared to the high tourist season in winter.

8. Can I combine my Egypt tour with a trip to other countries?

Yes, One Nation Travel offers combination tours to Jordan and Turkey that can be paired with your 7-day Egypt itinerary.

9. Do I need travel insurance for a trip to Egypt?

While not mandatory, travel insurance is highly recommended for international travel, and may sometimes be included in tour packages.

10. How can I book a 7-day Egypt tour with One Nation Travel?

You can book directly through the One Nation Travel website or contact us via phone or email for personalized service.

Wrapping Up Your Egyptian Adventure

Journey Beyond the Sands: A Memorable Egyptian Sojourn

Embarking on a 7-day trip to Egypt is not just a vacation but an exploration of history, culture, and adventure. With a budget ranging from $1,500 to $3,000, you can experience the essence of this ancient land, from the grandeur of the pyramids to the tranquil beauty of the Nile. Egypt awaits with open arms, promising a journey that will linger in your memories long after the desert sands have settled.

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